Wanaka in Film (Roll #2)

Milford Sound I started a second roll of film (Lomography 100 again) after compatibility. I ended up shooting most of it during a tourist flight to, and cruise around, Milford Sound. I went there with Emaad, Vy, and David. With a promising launch-attempt (turned launch) approaching, I finished the roll with an obligatory trip to the “famous” Wanaka tree. […]

Launch Day

Last good look at SuperBIT Oops! After all the chaos of launch day, and the flight, and … life … I forgot to upload all my photos from launch day. Here they are at last. Late on April 15 we showed up to prepare for our first (and it turns out only) launch attempt. After a rush of activity doing all our pre-flight checks, we spend much of the rest of the day waiting and fretting. And, in my case, taking a few (hundred) photographs. […]


Bird's eye After compatibility, we had a few more I’s to dot and T’s to cross, and we lost a few people. But mostly we were ready to go, and were settling in for what was expected to be a long haul of waiting and attempting to launch. Some windy days gave us a chance to take a little bit of pre-flight vacation time. […]