BLAST Pivot Assembly

The BLAST pivot completed assembly this morning. It never gets disassembled, so this is the only chance to see it (well, except that there’s a second pivot to build for Spider, but let’s ignore that). Barth, Laura, Juan, and a machinist (Frank?) did the assembly. Pictures courtesy of Juan.

The process is actually quite tricky […]

Cryostat Joints, Insert Flower

The cryostat joints have been finished. These live at the sides of Spider and the cryostat elevation bearings will live on top of them.

Another interesting discovery is that when you give inserts enough sunlight (it was sunny for a few days before the April snows started…) then it will sprout a strange flower. I […]

BLAST Inner Frame and Platform

In lieu of pictures from putting the inner frame on, here are pictures of it in its put-on state. This also shows the liquid balance system which can be used to dynamically balance the inner frame.

Last of all there are pictures of a hex cell platform to mount electronics to. It’s not super interesting […]