Long Overdue Gondola Update

A long overdue update on the Spider gondola. It has a new computer box, the new Pinhole Sun Sensor (PSS) array, chicken wire to protect from the reaction wheel, the rotating star cameras mounted, and a cart with really big casters. And more importantly, it scans! […]

Air Shark!

On my Saturday in Princeton, I went into work with the expectation of a quiet day, wrapping up some loose ends. Little did I know that in Sasha’s trunk lurked a nascent (boxed) form of inflatable air shark. While fridges were cycling, we saw it changed into its true form: full-blown terror of the, um, hallways. (Not for outdoor use.) […]

Princeton Highbay

I spent the week before last in Princeton working on installing the housekeeping system for the flight cryostat. Once things started working, I took a photography break and explored the highbay a little. […]


These are some pictures taken while in Cambridge in July for a Spider simulations meeting. I’m playing with using flickr for photos on the site, and had already posted these. Thus, they make for a good test post. Test post! […]