Star Camera

Unlike the last two, this post is not long-delayed. On Thursday Natalie was assembling the Spider star camera to get a picture of it for her thesis proposal. As a side benefit, I also get pictures of it. And I (among others) get an assembled star camera. I think this is my first post for […]

SIP Cage

Another overdue post that I just got pictures for today: the SIP cage. Juan designed this cage, which lives at the base of Spider, to hold NASA’s SIP (Standard Instrument Package?), and also to support the reaction wheel.

When these photos were taken (almost a month ago) many parts were just tack welded. Now, welding […]

Barth Making Cables (!)

A few weeks ago, Barth was actually making cables (for me!). I took a few pictures as proof that it actually happened. Only one turned out well, so I’ve also included a great picture Juan took of Natalie’s solar head bobbing thing.

The 50cm jumper/adapter cable Barth made contains about $200 of parts. I still […]