Machine Shop Update

Where by “Machine Shop Update” I mean what would have been an update last week if I hadn’t just now discovered that I have these pictures (all from Juan). But the now-not-up-to-date progress shows nearly complete reaction wheel parts and SIP cage.

BLASTpol and Preliminary ACS

The beginnings of an attitude control system have been integrated with BLASTpol. I’ve been working with Natalie on getting gyroscope readout working and Laura has been working in parallel with the help of Pedro to enable us to command the motors.

Mostly, I took these because Giles requested photos of the gondola, and I didn’t […]

Joints Arrive!

The remainder of the Spider joints arrived today from the multi-axis (6-axis?) machining place.

A few of the simpler joints have already been made by the Toronto shop. See these two old posts.