This site contains a lot of information! Too much for a casual browse or quick stroll down memory lane. So, I’ve decided to simplify by providing some highlights.

Palestine, TX 2013

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At long last, SPIDER is ready to deploy to the field. The first step is the mission readiness review in Palestine, TX. The full system integration and testing was quite challenging, and consumed most of the summer.Highlights.

Antarctica 2012-2013

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After a couple years of data analysis and instrument upgrades, BLAST was ready to fly again. So, the team returned to Antarctica for a very successful flight. I was around for less of this campaign. Highlights.

Antarctica 2010-2011 (McMurdo and South Pole Station)

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This campaign saw me in the field for three months from 22 Oct, 2010 to 23 Jan, 2011. Primarily I was at McMurdo Station, Antarctica for the maiden flight of BLAST-Pol. After that, I got to spend a week at the south pole working on Keck.

So far I have compiled two quick sets of highlights:

  • Title Pages: the images I used on each day’s “title page”
  • Panoramas: all my stitched-together panoramas that consist of more than two or three images