Antarctica 2010-2011: Panoramas

In addition to the “title page” images”, one other already existing set of images I really like are the panoramas. I have recollected them into this post. […]

Antarctica 2010-2011: Title Images

After taking over 13000 photographs—and posting almost 2500!—I have a lot to show for my trip to Antarctica. I would like to fulfill a request to come up with a set of my favourite images, but the task daunting. While that work is in progress, I do have one premade list of images I liked: […]

AzElGadget II


Finally, just after dinner on the 21st, Matt and I happened to encounter the Runway Czar. He’s the one that decides whether or not the C-17 can land, and thus the one who had been delaying my flight. He said that while the flight would be delayed a few hours, it would definitely land later […]

Last Day

After one more delayed flight, on the 21st of January I was getting bored of McMurdo and really eager to go home. My boredom was at least partially due to doing almost nothing, so I spent the afternoon with Annamarie. She, like me, was done work and just waiting for a flight. We went back […]

Delayed, Oden, PENGUIN!

On the 20th, my flight back to Christchurch had been delayed. The unusually warm weather was making trouble for the ice runway over at the Pegasus Airfield. Flights had started to land only in the coldest part of the night—if they could land at all.

I woke to find a new boat in the harbour, […]