Laura and Barth brought some decorations down with them, and it was decided that yesterday was the correct time to bring them out. Our mezzanine in the highbay is somewhat shinier, lightier, candy-canier, and generally more festive.

7 comments to Decoration

  • Barth's Mom

    So glad to see you guys go all out for the holidays. thanks for the Barth picture – but where’s the smile?

  • Steve Benton

    Thanks for the comments, Barth’s Mom.

    I don’t know how I managed to post two photos of Barth without him smiling in either. Something must be wrong in the universe. I’ll have to investigate further.

  • Good points all around. Truly apaicerpted.

  • I’ve been looking for a post like this for an age

  • Simply FABulous! Reminds me of an old tutorial using the masking technique and brayer–one that I have enjoyed employing , myself. This example is similar, but just differnt enough that I WILL have to C.A.S.E.! Such an inspiration; thank you so much.Sandy

  • I didn’t know that if I’m found using a black hat in my website, i might get penalized. Can you tell me know what penalizing means here ? Will my site be scrapped ?Jane invites you to read..

  • very good post! interesting to see ,he still using his pre 811 smiley face as profile pic…? and on the new one he looks very sad… remember just after a month I lost the ability to feel happy and smile on this diet ,had to force myself to fake smile  ,this freaked me out the most. also my friends always asked what’s wrong with me ,why am I so cranky?… did this happened to you too?

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