Mega Launch Day Mega Post

Mega launch day mega post!

I start with some documentation of BLAST’s final flight configuration (which while a little boring is part of the reason people indulge my taking photos of everything). Then we go through our pre-launch preparations. Later, I’m allowed out to the flightline to document the assembly and inflation process there—much closer than I’d been before. Finally there is the launch itself, which went off cleanly.

A big thanks to the CSBF crew for all their hard work.

6 comments to Mega Launch Day Mega Post

  • Barth's Mom

    Fantastic Pictures! Thank you very much! What a great event! Almost felt as if we were there.

  • This looks cool. (literarily and figuratively).

  • Sue Netterfield

    Steve! You’ve done it again! How would I know about the Robin, the bunny, the signatures, the bagging, the parachute basket, the final rainbow filling tubes, the fire in the balloon? 131 Thank Yous!


    Elio! We’re very proud of you!!!! We love you so much and we wish you a wonderful new year!!!!

  • Alessio

    Elio you’re simply the best! We are very proud of you…

  • How do the Mega Passes work? We are going to the Georgia National Fair in Perry in October and we have a family of 4, 2 adtlus and 2 children ages 5 and 3. would we need to buy a separate mega pass for each of us? We were planning to come on a night for armbands but my husband is active duty Military and the only day we can come is 10/6 or 10/7 and we were looking for ways to save money and still let our kids have a nice time. do you know yet how many tickets on average each ride will require?

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