Anne, Ed, and I have deployed as SPIDER’s first wave. Yesterday was our regularly-scheduled full day in Christchurch. This starts with a trip to the clothing distribution center (CDC) to get our extreme cold weather (ECW) clothing.

Afterwards, we wandered around and explored Christchurch. Starting at the botanical gardens, we got what might be out last dose of flora for a while. Then we went into town and had some great food and drinks. Along the way, we bumped into fellow Antarctic travellers. Christchurch was devastated by an earthquake in early 2011. While there is much still to do, repairs and new construction have progressed remarkably.

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  • Ίσως δεν το εξέφρασα σωστά και με συγχωρείς. Εννοείται ότι τα κείμενα θα είναι δημόσια, και προσβάσιμα από όλους και ο καθείς θα μπορεί να δει τις ÏŽŽÃŽÂ¿ÃÂ€ÃŽÂ¿ÃŽÂ¸ÃŽÂµÃÂ„Įσεùς του άλλου. Ο ρόλος των διαχειριστών είναι για το μετέπειτα, και τον έχω εξηγησει ανωτέρω.

  • That’s a slick answer to a challenging question

  • I did find a site that had silk camisoles, but the women looked like they’d been abducted for use as sex slaves in Bulgaria. Really. But…since you don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m gonna run with it :).

  • Jak nie obchodzi to zadzwoniÄ™ do tej pani Mazurkiewicz i zapytam czy zna jakiegoÅ› deb…ila baggiego i podam, gdzie można znaleźć jego schizofreniczne wpisy Jak go bÄ™dzie znaÅ‚a to może zainteresuje siÄ™ co robi podtatusiaÅ‚y troll zamiast zarabiać na dwójkÄ™ dzieci. ZmiÄ™kÅ‚a rura

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