Star Camera

Unlike the last two, this post is not long-delayed. On Thursday Natalie was assembling the Spider star camera to get a picture of it for her thesis proposal. As a side benefit, I also get pictures of it. And I (among others) get an assembled star camera. I think this is my first post for an assembled Spider part; so far BLAST has hogged all the glory.

I am quite fond of the star camera as I made the original prototype for my undergraduate thesis. Since then, however, I’ve had to give the job up to Natalie since I always seem to have way too much to do. Her new daytime star camera is way cooler than my nighttime-only prototype. Notice the giant expensive lenses.

While almost visually complete, the star camera needs some touching up before it’s functional. Notably missing are the baffles. The cameras point at funny angles because that is as orthogonal as they could get given mechanical constraints of the Spider frame.

Also, as usual, I have a few random pictures Juan took of random things. This time he seems to have a taste for garments discarded by Kelly.

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