Finally, just after dinner on the 21st, Matt and I happened to encounter the Runway Czar. He’s the one that decides whether or not the C-17 can land, and thus the one who had been delaying my flight. He said that while the flight would be delayed a few hours, it would definitely land later that night. I was leaving, and I knew it!

So, at about 1am I donned full ECW gear (required for flights) and went to catch my transport. So did the 104 other people this flight had accumulated over a few days of delays, including Matt and Annamarie. At about 4am we boarded, and by 9:45 we were in Christchurch. Back in the real world, or at least somewhere very close to it.

[image title=”From My Seat” size=”large” id=”5310″ align=”left” alt=”The view from my seat: lots of people sleeping” ]
[image title=”Flight Deck” size=”large” id=”5340″ align=”left” alt=”View from the flight deck. Much nicer than a port hole” ]

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