Day Off: Mini-golf and Downtown Palestine

Update 25 June 2010: I’ve added some photos that Juan took during the day (to have pictures of me, as proof that I exist. Plus Juan’s a good photographer).

Juan, Natalie, Laura, and I took our first full day off yesterday. The morning was spent doing laundry, swimming, reading, and otherwise lazing about. In the early afternoon we planned to watch the Germany vs Ghana match, so Natalie, Juan, and I walked to the corner store for snacks and beer. In what has to be a misinterpretation of some law, one of the stores refused to sell beer to anyone that didn’t have Texas issued ID. The store across the street had no such problem.

After the match, we went to the Dogwood Junction Family Fun Park to play some mini-golf. Natalie, by some combination of being really good, really lucky, or soberer than the rest of us (the latter is my excuse, at least) kicked our asses.

Finally, we took a walk downtown to see what Palestine is like off of the circular highway around the outskirts. Turns out they have sidewalks here and there, lots of bail bonds places, and a lot of unoccupied but great old brick buildings. Our intended destination, the Old Magnolia Sandwich (and souvenir) Shop was closed when we arrived. It was sad, but we plan to go there another day for lunch.

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