Downlink, SIP Pictures

Yesterday we got the biphase and star camera video (kind of) working over the air with the line-of-sight transmitters. Tristan took out his rotating chopper, so I took the chance to take pictures of it. Finally, there are the SIP installation pictures taken by Juan the day before.

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  • How neat! I swear I never know when awesome tighns like this are happeningin Lynchburg; annoying. Came across your blog off Kevin M’s. Good find!*Cute pic of you and the fam.

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  • I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after reading this.

  • Alice Zvacek October 2, 2012 I was at the show today. I was unsure before today about how comedy and suicide prevention went together, but I really enjoyed your presentation. It was a real eye opener.

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