Shooting Again, etc.

You may recall that when Chris took us shooting, Natalie had left for Chicago. Natalie was really, really, really, really, really excited to shoot some guns, but then Chris went on vacation before she got back. However, one of the upsides of being here a long time is that Chris’s vacation ended. So for the past week Natalie has had her groupies trying to set up a shoot while seeming non-committal. In at least the former regard, she succeeded yesterday.

Chris brought out his AK-47, AR-15 (like a M-16, without automatic since, as with the AK, Chris isn’t licensed for automatic weapons), .22 semi-automatic with a scope, one of his shotguns, and a .45 handgun. Megan brought her .22 pistol again.

Matt and I shared photographer duty.

1 comment to Shooting Again, etc.

  • Hi there,
    yeah, it is so jolly.
    I feel the ease of mind at everyone.
    I think it’s a really excited experience for all of you. And so do I.
    it is really excited to hold a rifle and shot.
    thanks for picture sharing

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