Apologies for the many late updates, but since last time I have successfully deployed to the ice and haven’t had enough internet time for the backlog of posts.

Anyway, three days ago turned out (surprinsingly) to be the last day we spent in Christchurch. A group of us (Annamarie, Stef, Elio, Juan, Nick, and I) took a bus trip out to Akaroa (Māori for ‘Long Harbour’) which is, surprisingly, at the end of a very long harbour. While there we took a boat trip to see the harbour, some the world’s smallest dolphins, smallest penguins, and most normally-sized seals.

2 comments to Akaroa

  • Hi! I have seen you post a picture of a waterfall in Akaroa, can you please send me directions or point location?


  • Steve Benton

    The waterfall was encountered during the boat trip out of Akaroa. I have no memory of it’s location, or even the direction in which we traveled.

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