The last of my backlogged posts. Yesterday, the first full day spent on the ice, had us BLAST-Pol first-wavers (Elio, Juan, Nick, and myself) head out to LDB, examine our highbay, and start unloading shipping containers.

Unloading required a lot of working outside, or in buildings highly exposed to outside, so we were fortunate that the weather remained quite good. Light winds, clear skies, and a balmy -16C, roughly. Still, I discovered another downside to beards is the accumulation of frozen breath. Also, it only then became truly apparent to me that Antarctica is a desert—it’s seriously dry and there is a lot of sun.

In the evening was the famed Halloween party, and it did not disappoint. McMurdo-goers take their costumes very seriously, and the atmosphere was super fun. Juan brought his camera, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to rebroadcast some of his photos.

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