Star Camera Lifting

The big operation yesterday was the star cameras being lifted up on top of the inner frame. This allowed Mark to climb up to his Safety-Luke-approved favourite place—on top of the inner frame. Juan also finished up most of the job of mylarizing the sun shields. There are still some foam panels to stick in the back, but those don’t go in until we’re flight ready.

In other news, I went to the ice caves last night! Laura had gotten dry/frostbitten eyes during our Castle Rock hike. As an upside, because she went home early to have them checked out, she was back in time to get into the sign-up line. She and Ludo (a member of the CREAM team) signed up Juan and I. Annamarie and Stef were there as well. I’ll post photos once I’ve conducted an exchange with Annamarie, trading my photos of her for hers of me.

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