Sun Shields

Yesterday we mounted the as-finished-as-they’ll-get-until-flight-ready sun shields. This first involved moving the shields around the gondola, which is really tricky in a highbay where the crane only runs down the middle, and you can’t move things off to the side. But it worked.

This makes the gondola start to look really complete. That isn’t to say that we’re anywhere close to finished, only that it’s starting to really feel like a telescope that might work. So, I was inspired to take a few general pictures too.

6 comments to Sun Shields

  • Lois Schmick

    Sometimes? Really? Only 2 or 3 times a day. Plus co-workers, family, friends, his grade school teachers, total strangers…..Everyone knows about BLAST!

    Thank you again for such an informative site. This last picture really put it in perspective for me.

    Take care – have fun.

  • Renee

    Thank you for your great site! I love checking every day and you take fantastic pictures. I’m Barth’s Mom and of course, I too, love seeing the occasional picture of him. The nieces and nephews are addicted to “What is Uncle Barth doing today”. Although I suspect your wild life pictures in NZ had the greatest impact. Thank you for such good communication.

  • Bernadette Fissel

    OK, let’s hear from all the moms. Yes, I check the site daily as well, that was where I discovered the interesting condition of dry-frostbitten eyes! And I admit that I have passed the link onto a number of relatives who are wondering what Laura is actually doing in Antarctica!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures and observations, it makes the distances much easier to deal with. Good luck to you all for a successful deployment.

  • Sue

    Steve, I am so glad that you are working with Barth, the Blast team and such a great blogger! I love seeing what everyone is up to and how Blast is coming along. Thank you, Thank you for keeping me informed. Sue Netterfield, the wife of Barth.

  • Maggie Thomas

    Now that the other Mom’s have gotten the ball rolling I’ll join in! Thanks so much for this blog Steve. You do a great job and I’m sure it takes a lot of your time! I’m Nick’s mom and I’m coming out of the blog closet. Loved all the pictures in Texas but most of all now when it’s impossible to make a call. Wishing great success with BLAST Pol. Thanks again for keeping us posted!

  • Steve Benton

    Thanks all of you for the support! I don’t collect any sort of statistics, so never really know how many people follow the site—or which posts/photos are most popular, etc.

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