Carbon Fiber Tubes

The day after the joints arrived we got a big box full of carbon fiber tubes. We waited for Juan to get back from vacation so that he could open them. My self restraint wasn’t strong enough to wait to open the joints.

They’re all cut to length and weigh almost nothing. If only we had the tube inserts from UBC we could start to assemble Spider (aka the coolest gondola ever). Juan glued a pull-test tube to test our method of using fishing line as a spacer.

1 comment to Carbon Fiber Tubes

  • We’re the manufacturer of carbon fiber tube in China for many years,with good quality and attractive price.

    Light-weight , high strength and anti-corrosion are the main features of carbon fiber tube. The strength of carbon fiber tube is 5 times to steel tube.

    Hope to cooperate with you in the future.

    Best regards.

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