Not a Launch Day

Today is not a launch day. With CREAM having gone off yesterday, logistical restrictions prevented another launch today—independent of all other concerns. The weather has decided not to taunt us with unusable good weather. This is a small relief.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, has a “legitimately marginal” forecast. This means it’s possible we can launch, and that we will spend the morning going through the motions. This is as contrasted with “marginal marginal” where we would show up and try with little expectation of launch (however, this is what yesterday was originally forecast as for CREAM). There are also sometimes more definitive forecasts of good weather with high probability of launch, and bad weather with very little chance.

My picture posting time may be severely restricted for the next little while, so please bear with me if there is a dry spell. I will attempt to at least take lots of pictures.

The weather today. Not suitable for launch, even if we tried

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