Launch Part III: Launch

The final installment in my agonizingly prolonged series of posts about launch day. This picks up with the beginning of inflation, and ends when everyone goes inside to start doing real work. Or, at least everyone goes inside and agonizes over altitude data until we can start doing real work.

The most disappointing part about this series is that safety regulations forced us to all be inside for the actual launch and early ascent.

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  • Lois Schmick

    Yeah BLAST! Congratulations on a successful launch. May all your scientific data come true!

    Thank you again for the photos.

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  • I love your top. It reminds me of something an elf would have worn in my childhood books. Actually, I was in middle school and into fantasy (I still am).Also, I like making things with leather. Chokers are great way to bring some interest to an outfit.

  • Wow, j'adore le tressage en ruban, ça donne du style! Ça me fait rire que ton titre soit en français et ton texte en anglais – bilingue, comme mon album! Que veux-tu, quand on mène une vie bilingue, ça se tient que l'album le soit aussi…Cindyxox

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