LDB is waiting. Matt and Elio are waiting for good weather near the gondola to fly out for recovery. Most of the riggers, techs, and the super-pressure balloon team are waiting for good weather to launch. Everyone is waiting to go home.

I am waiting for a flight to pole, where I will spend a week with the Keck (formerly SPUD) telescope. (I plan to take tons of pictures, but probably won’t post them until later, due to the stricter internet situation at pole.) While waiting, Matt, Elio, and I have been packing. I don’t have pictures of that, but, rather, a treat: the “undisputed best picture in McMurdo”: The Claw!

[image title=”The Claw!” size=”large” id=”4918″ align=”left” alt=”Can you feel the power of The Claw?” ]

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