K1 Debugging and Reclosing

While the K1 cryostat was closed on the 13th, the 14th was spent debugging issues with the waveplate rotator. At the end of the day, it was ready to go, but at this point the process didn’t end until well past midnight. But, because my posts are sorted by day, this only includes everything up to midnight. To be continued…

This was also the dreaded day on which Walt left. In addition to being the general group IT guy, Walt is a very rare kind of person: the kind familiar with writing code for gcp. gcp is the huge control program used by several telescopes, including all three currently active at the south pole. For this—and for his company, of course—he would be missed. Thankfully, he had finished all the gcp hacking I required.

Finally, I have a special feature: a slowly rotating tour of the bottom section of an insert containing the fridge, JFET module, housekeeping stuff, and cabling/breakout electronics.
[image title=”Insert-Go-Round” size=”full” id=”5125″ align=”left” alt=”Animated Insert-Go-Round” ]

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