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Last Friday I finally got all the parts for my new “Awesome Box” for housing a single BLASTBus2 motherboard. I think it’s pretty cute with its mini-backplane, and it’s all crammed into a box that couldn’t be much smaller. So I got out my camera, and today I’m dusting off my blogging hat. Enjoy!

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  • (Personal Computers) I am a professional pheragtophor, and recently purchased the Macbook Air 13 base model as an addition to my desktop workstation. It replaced a 2010 13 Macbook Pro as the machine I’ll use when away from the office. After a few days of testing, here are my thoughts:Processor: The one word response would be sufficient. Overall, the beauty of this laptop is that it gets out to the way and simply lets you do what you need to do. The processor isn’t the fastest on the market, but I have never been left waiting for any processing tasks to date. As an email access point, word processor, and internet browser there is more than enough processing power to have a boatload of applications and multiple tabs open without a stutter. Web pages scroll nicely, new programs open in a second or two and when it comes to productivity tasks this is night and day better than my iPad since I can actually use the keyboard, Microsoft Office etc. The processor doesn’t need to be all that powerful in large part due to the flash memory storage, upgraded in this generation to the faster 6 Gb/s connection so that read/write processes don’t drag the computer down at all. While I use my desktop for all of my heavy duty processing of images and HD video, I will occasionally need to process an image or two on the road. So far I have found that Photoshop CS5 runs very nicely on this model, with nearly instant effects utilizing simple layer/curves adjustments. Processor intensive tasks such a gaussian blur related filters have a slight lag, taking approximately 30% longer than they do on my i7 920 desktop processor that is a few years old. It all gets done though, is far faster than my previous laptop, and nothing I regularly do has taken more than 2-3 seconds of processing time for an image, totally acceptable. It’s the 30-40 second drags from my prior laptop that made me ready to throw it out the window. However, the few seconds of slowing is enough that I wouldn’t want to process thousands of photos on this laptop, but for the casual edit it is more than sufficient. Lightroom runs smoothly as well, in large part due to the cache being on SSD storage, so even my 5D MkIII raw files at 30MB each are rendered to a smaller jpeg preview that the lighter processor can handle and render quickly off the SSD. Imports/export rendering take longer on this machine to be sure, but by that time I’m off doing other errands so I don’t mind this lag. Video editing is functional as well and would likely work for most casual users, but massive projects simply wouldn’t be possible on this machine for a multitude of reasons ranging from storage space to video card, screen size, processor etc. Overall, it does handle all casual productivity tasks that I need faster than any laptop I’ve owned, and can handle more processor intensive image applications acceptably for a laptop, though not fast enough that I’d consider using this as a full time professional machine.Screen: The 13 inch model seems to be the perfect blend of portability and functionality for me. This particular screen is vibrant, and has the capability to professionally render the images that I need with a few caveats. Firstly, the factory set color profile for the screen looked good enough for basic use, but to my sensitive eyes had a bluish hue to it. Apple laptops are notoriously inaccurate for color rendition (increased contrast, saturation in reds and blues) so I would highly recommend that users who do much imaging work create a custom color profile their monitor. Even casual users are likely to be disappointed when actually printing images that look great on this screen (i.e. pumped up colors and contrast with a flat and lifeless print in real life). Also, for all of us that send files over the internet to Facebook/email etc, I would think it would be nice to know what your photos would look like on average to most of the users out there without a similar Mac screen. The profile utility built into OS X is worthless, and I’d recommend a software solution such as ColorEyes Display Pro, combined with a sensor such as the Spyder 4. I wish I could have assessed the default profile to find out how much it was off at baseline, but my software can only analyze custom profiles that it creates. Needless to say, things look a lot different after the profiling, and at 75% brightness I was able to get the monitor down to an average dE of 0.51 with a max dE of 2.99 in the greys (less than 1 is great accuracy, less than 5 is sort of standard to start professional work for me). I also notice that the edges of the screen on all sides have a very slight dark tinge/wave that extends for about half an inch. It is only faintly noticeable, shows up most against white backgrounds, and decreases with increased screen brightness. This isn’t a defect unique to my unit, as it seems to affect all of the models at the Apple store that I went to see, as well as a few friends with Airs from

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  • Ha ha ha, vous avez répondu a rinna Mais c’est très constructif comme commentaire ! Tu nous expliquerais pourquoi tu as trouvé ce livre nul ? Quand a moi, j’avais dis un peu la même chose et vous m’avez répondu C’est bien, c’est instructif comme réflexion. Bravo. Comme quoi, je reste constante C’est juste un truc que j’ai du mal à comprendre : qu’on puisse dire c’est nul, alors qu’on ne l’a pas lu ou vu… Mais vous faites bien comme vous voulez !

  • On this day, 2 years ago, our youngest son, Tyler Jack was born.  Tyler’s entire journey from even when I was pregnant until he was about 1, has been eventful to say the least.  A few heartbreaking and anxious times but all in all, everything that happened has made him into the little man that he is today and I honestly wouldn’t change anything for the world. (For anyone who wants to read his journey, here’s the link: )

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