Telecons, etc

Yesterday I was in code mode, so didn’t look much beyond my monitor, or take many pictures. But I did capture everyone’s favourite activity: morning teleconferences. And some other things.

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  • Hello Doctor,I am Joseph Khoury foownlilg you at Twitter and since you are not foownlilg me, I cannot send you a direct message there!I’ve always admired your Franc-Parler as we say in French and i have some questions that are eating my mind and would like to discuss openly with people like you.For instance, don’t you think that Israeli leaders are laughing in their secret when seeing highly educated Arabic men and women, news anchors and other free bloggers, tweeting and re-tweeting even shallow comments sometimes, only because they attack Hezbollah, Syria or Iran?Don’t you think that their plan for creating animosity between Muslims (Sunni- Shiaa) and (Sunni-Minorities) is working by now?I agree that neither one of the above countries and organization could be a role model for any kind of democracy but don’t you see that the attack on them is not only because of this?Don’t you think that Israel has some kind of inferiority complex against Hezbollah mainly, because its resistance movement was the only Arabic one that showed them hell at least twice in the last decade?How could someone be Arabic and keep on attacking Hezbollah?Can you tell me how Hezbollah is harming the Arabs and where?May be, it sounds strange for a Christian to defend Hezbollah or any Islamic kind of resistance, but i am proud of being Lebanese who has this kind of resistance against Israel, whether you call it Islamic, national resistance, Hezbollah or whatever is?I’ve been raised to witness for the truth and not for the religion or color.I just want to know if you allow please, why Nervana Mahmoud, the Arabic blood woman keeps on criticizing Hezbollah?Certainly you have a valid answer which i hope i can understand and then, i would not be questioning your objectivity as per the comments you always tweet and re-tweet.Back to the democracy that lacks in Iran, Syria and in other Arab countries, my question is: are the people in those countries ready to handle it?Men who treat and define women either by a mother and a sister or by a whore is going to apply democracy?We’ve seen Libya and the nr.1 clause in the new Libya’s statesman was to restore polygamy!Fine, what about the democracy in USA and Europe?Can you express your free opinion on TVs and Newspapers should you like to talk about Nazi or questioning the exaggerated history regarding the Holocaust?Do you recall the democracy of CNN when Octavia Nasr has just posted an homage tweet for Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah because he was defending women cause in Islam?!I am just sad because i can see that the Israeli/US plan for creating sectarian clashes in the Middle East is starting to see light and without knowing it sometimes, our social elites, writers, news anchors and media are helping in that direction.I cannot understand this animosity against Iran which to my modest knowledge, is been harmless to Arab countries. Whereas, Israel is the one we should show our animosity to.Iran is investing in sciences and technology. Today they just launched successfully a satellite and Arabs are still discussing whether is legitimate for a women to drive a car and condemning in prison a comedian for wearing a jalbab in his theater!Sorry, i am not here to lecture you about any country because i am sure you know the history better than i do. I am just writing down what hits my mind and in a very spontaneous way At the end of the day, i am seeing a racist country called Israel, erecting apartheid walls and endorsing religiously its state, confiscating lands, killing children and women and the maximum we see in return are few shy statements without any sanctions.On the other hand, people who defend their land are labeled terrorists and what is more harmful is that the attack on them is coming from their fellow Arabic citizens.Sorry again for any inconvenience i may have put you in with my comments andGod bless you.Joe

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  • I used to LOVE Ariel, but I like the second one more than the first. However, my favorite princess movie is either Mulan or Jasmine. I mean, a bunch of princesses just sang and danced until they found their Prince Charming. Mulan had to save China and kill some Huns, and Jasmine had a pet TIGER!!!!!!! I love that tiger… My favorite Disney film, other than a princess movie is probably The Lion King. It;s just awesome, and it always makes me sad when Simba’s dad dies.

  • Articolul e foarte corect, din pacate oamenii nu inteleg, lasa comoditatea sa-i distruga. Au mentalitatea :”daca facea rau s-ar fi interzis pana acum” si nu constientizeaza ca nimeni nu are grja de tine, toti vor numai sa profite. Ma bucur ca nu sunt invatata cu mancarea aia si sincer daca nu mananci pana la o varsta dupa ia nici nu mai simti nevoia.La multi e o problema de dependenta, asociaza mancarea Mc cu fericirea:”e ziua ta te duc la Mc”, sau ”daca iei 10 te duc la mc”. Retineti NIMANUI NU-I PASA DE OAMENI!!!

  • if the liturgy doesn’t make people want to come to it regularly, what will?——————————-Perhaps, a liturgy designed by yourbishop after having sounded out his flock and with appropriate approvals, of course, from the USCCB.

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