Thanksgiving in Antarctica

My flight brought be down just in time for the base’s Saturday Thanksgiving feast (because in McMurdo, all celebrations take place on Saturday). But, naturally, we didn’t take the day off. Instead we were busy preparing for Monday, on which we plan to go out to the dance floor to test pointing sensors. (And in preparation for which everyone else had been working very hard prior to my arrival.)

I’m glad to be back at LDB.

Also, while they were testing the cryostat’s window-covering shutter, I took some images to stitch into an open-closed gif:

2 comments to Thanksgiving in Antarctica

  • Sue Netterfield

    Steve, Thank You! Joel noticed Barth is at the same spot at the Thanksgiving Table as he is at home!

  • Sue Netterfield

    Thank You for keeping us updated!
    Joel noticed Barth is at the same place at the Thanksgiving table as he is at home. : )

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