Briefly Outside (feat. The Boss)

Yesterday we went outside, briefly. The plan was to get carried over to the "dance floor" (a wooden pad, placed away from the buildings) to test pointing sensors and telemetry. We were also going out to make room for Super-TIGER to go out on the deck. The weather’s plan was to be potentially windy, and because there wasn’t a good reason to press the issue, we conceded.

Also, unsurprisingly, a very effective way to make the highbay freezing cold is to open the main front doors for more than a few seconds.

Because some confusion has been expressed to me in the past: The Boss is the large red and black launch vehicle. The bossiest Boss that ever bossed.

1 comment to Briefly Outside (feat. The Boss)

  • Love the photos! I hope you tossed your old shoes, th#&1e82y7;ve seen better days . New socks and shoes, what could be better for those feet? The question is how long did they look new?

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