Liquid Helium, Computer Mods

Yesterday, Team Cryo started filling Theo with liquid helium. This is where the operation is most “cryogenically interesting”, which is a euphemism for mysterious and scary. Things that you don’t fully understand (especially now with several more telescopes installed), but can potentially cause a lot of damage. At least they happen slowly, so that you have lots of time to get tired.

I’ve mostly been working on modifications to the flight computer box, with the help of Jamil and Ed. Due to somewhat high priority, I didn’t take as much time for photography as usual.

4 comments to Liquid Helium, Computer Mods

  • Ian Hincks

    Sweet computer box. I see it is roomier than version one, probably a good thing. I’m glad the heat sinks are still working. All the best to you and the team.

  • Sue Netterfield

    Hi Steve,

    You are amazing! Thank You for taking us with the team!

  • Steve Benton

    Ian! Good to see you browsing here. Version one was definitely smaller and lighter. But after dealing with one too many computer problems and disassemblies, we decided to sacrifice for the sake of convenience.

  • Steve Benton

    Thanks, Sue. You might give my mom serious competition for #1 fan.

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