Things That Explode (Intentionally), etc.

A few days after Canada Day, the City of Palestine put on a fireworks show. Presumably the delay was to sort out logistics after they’d realized their error. It was fun, but I decided, for the most part, not to enjoy it via a camera. Jamil has many pictures to fill the gap. We got our own fireworks too, which is why I’ve delayed posting. Our first attempt was prematurely terminated due to using up our one lighter.

Otherwise, we’ve had to vacate the west side of the highbay, we’ve split into shifts, and steady progress has continued—even regarding cryostat weirdness.

Plus I nearly sat on a black widow spider. Then I took some pictures because they’re so cool looking.

2 comments to Things That Explode (Intentionally), etc.

  • Sue Netterfield

    Best opening 2 sentences! I say this even as an American (who is waiting for my Canadian Citizenship).

    Where was the black widow?

  • Steve Benton

    Thanks, Sue. The black widow had nested inside a stack of tires. This particular stack has a good view of the sunset, which is how I came to want to sit on it.

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