Launch! (Continued)

To start the new year, SPIDER launched! After a frantic night and early morning of hurried preparations, we spent much of the day waiting on the weather. Excitement rapidly increased in the afternoon when the winds settled down and the balloon was unboxed and inflated. After pausing to celebrate a successful day of launch operations, we ran inside to start monitoring SPIDER as she ascends.

The first day of flight is exhausting, busy, and precious. While we can still see SPIDER, we have fast radio telemetry, which we use to get everything tuned and calibrated. Now SPIDER is happily scanning the sky.

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  • Beautiful job Monika!!! I am so thankful that you were able to catpure my family and me. It is so wonderful to be in some photos for a change as well! My favorites are the ones with sun flare (I know the sun was fleeting that day) and the ones in the leaves and the pensive one of Gavin and, well you get the idea. Thank you so much!!! I am so glad that we are able to meet in person and form this friendship. I can’t wait until the next meet up. We had a blast.

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