New Cryostat Build

With Spider still on ice in west Antarctica, construction is well underway on the new cryostat (named Llorothaag aka Lloro aka Thaggie). Last week, Ziggy, Jeff, and I took a trip to Meyer Tool (outside Chicago) to check on things and discuss some details.

From the inside out, the cryostat consists of:

  • A main tank, holding about 1300 liters of liquid helium
  • A smaller tank for superfluid helium goes beside the main tank
  • Two vapour-cooled shields (VCS1 and VCS2), cooled by the still-cold gas that boils out of the main tank . Their cylindrical sides are fixed, while removable closeout plates on the top and bottom circular faces allow the cryostat to be opened.
  • A vacuum vessel, which holds all these parts at vacuum like a giant thermos. This consists of a main body and dome pieces for the top and bottom.

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