We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks since the last update. First, we performed the lift operation to marry the pre-cooled cryostat with her supportive gondola. This made the Spider payload functionally almost complete, except for the sun shields and solar panels. After the lift/marriage we could start filling Lloro with liquid helium so that she could cool our detectors down to the very cold temperatures at which they operate. For the cryo nerds, we also then use a capillary-filled pumped helium-4 bath to get below 2 K and closed-cycle helium-3 adsorption refrigerators to get down to 0.3 K (around -273 C).

Once we had cold detectors, our goal was to do all the science we could with the limited time and liquid helium that we had available, by conducting a battery of different tests on Spider’s six telescopes. We split into two shifts to manage Lloro’s needs at all times of day, and to efficiently get lots of testing done. Detector experts Jeff and Sasha joined us for this time. Though we also lost Sho to exam studying.

2 comments to Science!

  • Anne

    Ok I am real behind but… success?? Y’all heading south? The people demand to know if you found any sharks or cryotastrophes in Texas!

  • Steve Benton

    Success! People have already headed south. Not a shark to be seen.
    (Slow reply, due to site having gone dead for a few months.)

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