Getting Cooler

With the arrival of our delayed November shipment of liquid helium, we were finally able to start cooling Spider down to her science operating temperatures. This process takes several days and some longs shifts. In parallel, work continues on setting up the gondola, pointing systems, ad sun shields. More and more Spider is starting to resemble an awesome functional payload.

Bill also arrived the same day as our liquid helium, making the team complete. We also happened to have all shifts together on a clear day, so went outside for some group photos. Courtesy of Jared and Rose.

2 comments to Getting Cooler

  • Anne

    I am ready for some interferograms! Hoping for no detector or superfluid weirdness. Also, super impressed to see you and Joseph keeping up with Advent of Code! Things must be going smoothly! 🙂

  • Steve Benton

    Hah! Sadly both of those things are going away in a mad rush to be flight ready for a maybe-opportunity this week. FTS has been cancelled, and I’ve given up advent of code until we’re sitting around waiting to launch.

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