McMurdo 2022 in film: lovable rejects

Simon and I decided that it would be fun to do do some analog film photography of our trip to Antarctica. I was armed with me my dad’s old Nikon FM, and five rolls of Portra 160 film (of which I used four). And two fixed lenses: 28mm/2.8 and 50mm/1.8, plus I borrowed a 500mm from the Toronto lab, with a Russian thread to Nikon adapter.

However it turns out that my camera has issues with very fast exposures in the cold. Which is tricky, because Antarctica is very cold and very bright (requiring short exposures). So many of the photographs are partially obscured by a stuck shutter. This album contains the results up to around half-obscured that I like anyway. Some could be saved with cropping, but in only one instance did I do that, the rest are presented as-is. The unobscured photographs are in the other post: McMurdo 2022 in film

Despite the disappointing results, I still had a wonderful time shooting in film, anticipating results, and looking at things a little differently.

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