Path Finder and Low Rider Deck

Hello who ever you are, (no really I have no idea who reads this) So this morning they launched a Path Finder to test if the float winds have set up, unfortunately I wondered outside just after they released it so I didn’t get the actually launch but got to watch it drift up into there sky. There is always something breath taking about watching a balloon go up, well in that I get thing knot in my stomach going “dear god, I’m going to attach years to something like that, and I have as little control over where it floats as I do over that little path finder.” So yeah, um, breath taking. […]

Random Tristan Post

Hello Gental Reader (looker?), So I told Steve I would do the blog post today…. and then I didn’t get all my photos from today uploaded, so I’m going to do an old tristan’s photos round up, and then post another one tomorrow morning after the images make there way off the ice. […]

Freezing Man

I the photos speek for them selves. […]

Life in the High Bay

I think we have hit the stage in the high bay where we are settling into a good working grove and getting a little goofy. Then again maybe I’m just taking goofy pictures. […]

Things are coming together

We bunch of stuff happened yesterday so I’m just posting the photos with info in the titles. To sum up, Nat scanned the gondola around a bunch orthoganalizing the gyros, Juan started building his side scope, we mounted the cryostat on the gondola, and much silliness occurred. […]

Driving back from LDB

I have been working late a lot this last week and we got some amazing views driving back from LDB late at night. These where all take between 11:00 and 11:30 when the sun was behind some clouds and giving amazing light. You also get this amazing effect of snow being blown across the ground and looking like water flowing. […]

Cryostat Tests

So I haven’t posted for a couple days because I have been running around doing a bunch of cryostat tests. Well everything checked out and we are getting ready to mount the cryostat on the gondola, so I have a few minutes to post things. […]

BLAST’s Cookie Monsters

BLAST has long had a cookie monster buy, Elio has made him self a friend. […]

Solar Eclipse from LDB and Marks and his mirror

Hello again, So there was a solar eclipse yesterday but it was more then a little cloudy in that it was snowing. It looked like it was going to clear up just in time to see it, so we shot some pictures, but we either missed it, or the 1% eclipse was just not visible, then again the pictures look fairly nice. (let me know if you can see anything). […]

Lookout Point

On Tuesday Giles, André, Tyr, and I walked look out point. It was really beautiful and a little crisp but not too cold. One of those times when you just go out side and realize how amazing it is that we are in such a remote and stunning place. […]