Spying from the Mezzanine

Two days ago (sorry for the delay, I took a day off, plus had WAY too many photos to sort through) I spent most of the day using the 200mm telephoto lens to spy on people form the mezzanine. Or take uncomfortable closeups of their faces. I was just working at my computer, and needed […]

More Mylarizing, Beam Maps

Yesterday, Juan started making noticeable progress on his next mylarization project: the main sun shields. While a lot bigger than the scoop, they’re a bit easier due to having more planar surfaces. In cryostat land, beam maps started being made as the next step in the long line of calibrations and tests. This means Enzo […]

Moustache Tour

Yesterday evening Matt and I felt ditched by everyone else so decided to go on the long-awaited Moustache Tour. (We weren’t ditched, and in the minutes after feeling so, bumped into almost everybody else that we spend time with here. We even recruited a few of them.) The Moustache Tour is a visit to the […]

Pressure Ridges, Helium Transfers

Yesterday evening Juan, Laura, Lorenzo, Tristan, and I took a tour of the pressure ridges down by Scott Base. This is where the sea ice collides with the permanent ice shelf and forms mini ice mountains. It’s a pretty impressive sight, even from afar as we drive past it on the way to LDB. I […]

Safety Pathfinder, Lisa, Antennas

I have way too many pictures from yesterday, so I had to cut a bunch that I normally would have posted. This is partly because I took a bajillion pictures of CREAM, as The Boss dragged it out onto the wooden pad. Such operations are delicate, from a safety point of view, so it’s really […]

Exercising The Boss

Yesterday The Boss was getting antsy from sitting around all the time. He had to lift something, and then release it. That’s what The Bosses do. And they do it well.

The Post After The Hundredth!

So, it turns out yesterday I made the hundredth post to this site! Hundredth! (And I completely failed to notice at the time…) Anyway, yesterday was a quiet half-day Sunday. We slept in and experienced Sunday brunch for the first time (except me; I slept in too long). Ben, a GA who visited here before, […]

Outdoor Machinery, Broken (Then Fixed) Sun Shields

Yesterday I took a tour around outside LDB, looking at the variety of special-purpose sleds and trucks that they use out here. Unsurprisingly, many are made in Canada, just like our awesome parkas (though unlike Laura’s far less awesome imitation parka).

We also continue to go without liquid helium, needed to further cool the detectors. […]

Pointing, Tristan and Giles

Yesterday was the first day for Tristan and Giles at the highbay, bringing our total number to nine. We’re really starting to fill out the place. It’s also getting hard to keep track of everyone, especially when I’m buried in code all day. So, I no longer know exactly what everyone’s up to, and don’t […]

Routing, UTP, CREAM

Yesterday was another in a series of several days in which a wide variety of things were happening. I have pictures of the results of my many hours of painstakingly neat cable routing. The CSBF electronics folks brought over the Universal Terminate Package (UTP), and made some lights light up. CREAM, the other payload here […]