Yesterday was a quiet day, because almost everybody needed a day to sleep thanksgiving off, take a Sunday tour of Cape Evans, or in some cases just work from town, for a change of scenery. Again, I was too busy coding (and being really sleepy) to take any pictures, so I figure I’ll give Thanksgiving my attentions for today.

Photographic credit for this goes completely to Matt, who tirelessly photodocuments large (or at random times not-so-large) social occasions. You should check out his whole flickr set, from which I’ve cherry-picked. In fact, check out all of his pictures, if you haven’t been following them.

In the morning was the Turkey Trot 5km race, which I’m told is not uncommon for American Thanksgiving festivities. Elio and Mark competed; Mark finished 8th, and a disappointing 2nd in the over-40 age group. Elio finished an even-more-disappointing later-than-Mark. He blames the hills. Elio doesn’t like hills. (These photos are from anonymous contributors to the local “I:\ Drive” shared storage.) Tristan and I decided to build an appetite by cycling again.

After a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, many of us went to Gallagher’s for more drinks, intense foosball, and live entertainment. The highlight was Condition Fun, a group that performs songs about the vehicles of Antarctica. Tragically, they didn’t have CDs available. Matt and I were prepared to shell out some serious dough.

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