A few days ago, Don randomly showed up on his way to pole. Naturally, he visited us in the BLAST Ops room. Since he was there during one of those rare times when all six drivers were in the room, we had him take a mosaic panorama of us working. It was a pain to stitch, but I got a mostly-respectable result.

[image title=”Drivers” size=”large” id=”4900″ align=”left” alt=”Drivers: Tristan, myself, Matt, Laura, Barth, Elio” ]

Panorama of drivers at our business: Tristan, myself, Matt, Laura, Barth, Elio. This looks a little cramped but it’s rare that all six of us are present, and rarer that we’re all working at the same time.

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  • Susan Netterfield

    How fun to see Don! How fun to see all of you drivers together! How fun you are all coming home! Steve, enjoy the South Pole first!

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