Cryostat Opening, Hood Ornament of Death

With the cryostat warm and off the gondola, it was opened up yesterday for diagnostics and repairs. Matt forgot the bring his camera back with him so I (with some assistance) had to take enough pictures for the both of us.

In the morning we stopped to finally explore the Hood Ornament of Death—a sculpture […]

Tiny Tim Again, Rod of Power, Disassembly

With the long weekend over and the CSBF folks back from vacation, we had our second chance yesterday to take BLAST outside. This, of course, meant the reappearance of Tiny Tim. During our time in the sun we rotated the gondola (or, rather, Nick rotated it and a bunch of people made a show of […]

Strange and Amazing Texas Sign

Yesterday was the last day of a mostly quiet weekend (if you hadn’t figured that out from the previous couple days of non-work-related photos). I have almost no photos from yesterday, but I present this one in hopes that it might appease followers. It sure appeases me.

The Other Side

Yesterday marked my one month anniversary here in Palestine, and nobody else in the original bunch has stayed here continuously. I have been here the longest. To celebrate the occasion, the city put on a huge fireworks display in the evening—or maybe they were celebrating some other, more obscure anniversary.

Being a Sunday, a holiday, […]

Enigmatic Building 16

While work continued yesterday, I didn’t feel like taking pictures of any of it. Instead, I have pictures of Enigmatic Building 16—the mysterious place behind the highbay that I saw from the roof. Natalie joined me on the adventure, and we found the place no less mysterious up close than it was from far away.


Solar Panel Woes, and COOKIES!

I took yesterday morning off to relax a bit, do laundry, and work on the massive Tiny Tim posting from the day before. I came in with Tristan, and Danielle—who is here visiting for the weekend. We stopped at El Natural, a new-ish whole foods store where I found (and then had to buy) tons […]

Tiny Fucking Tim

(Post title to be read in the voice of Lorenzo, with extra emphasis.)

Canada Day turned out to be a very big day for us. In an attempt to dodge weather, and to allow CSBF to leave early while still putting in a full day or work, we left for the highbay at 6:00. We […]

Rush to Put Everything Together Day

Because CSBF will be taking a long Independence Day weekend, we spent yesterday frantically putting everything together to ensure that we would have an opportunity to go out to the pad this morning (we did, tune in tomorrow/later). We had to demount the pivot and cameras, fill the cryostat then mount it. Then everything went […]

Downlink, SIP Pictures

Yesterday we got the biphase and star camera video (kind of) working over the air with the line-of-sight transmitters. Tristan took out his rotating chopper, so I took the chance to take pictures of it. Finally, there are the SIP installation pictures taken by Juan the day before.

Antennas Galore

I ventured into the west highbay yesterday to check out mounting of Juan and Natalie’s GPS antenna boom. While there I noticed a bunch of other CSBF antennas also mounted to the sun shields. While I was busy helping Natalie and taking photos, the CSBF folks started to install our SIP. Juan was there to […]