South Pole Contingency Marathon

The 16th was a Sunday, so many people were taking it easy. I spent a bit of time exploring the station and surroundings.

The most notable occurence of the day saw a few folks taking it the opposite of easy: they ran a marathon! Winners of the Christams Day “Race Around the World”, they had planned to compete in McMurdo’s annual marathon, but the flight there was canceled. So the Contingency Marathon was held instead. Runners were Rickey (4:02:15), Marco (4:32:42), Christina (4:53:30), and Keith (6:16:04). There were also several half-marathon and other runners. However, I only know of Keck team members Jamie (half marathon winner: unofficialy 2:00:00) and Sarah (who felt so good after the half marathon that she ran 22miles—only one lap short of the full marathon). Congratulations to all the runners, especially those of you I’ve neglected to mention!

On a historical note, at least one other marathon has been run at the south pole. However this previous one was over ungroomed snow, with snowshoes, so the times are much longer. Christina also appears to be the first woman to ever complete a marathon at the south pole!

Anyway, enough words. Pictures:

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